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Make48 Blueprint To Be Released In 2020

By October 23, 2019General

Make48 today announced its plans to release its long sought after Blueprint in 2020. With six successful events and three televised seasons airing in 92% of American households through APT/PBS and Amazon Prime in 14 countries, the demand from Colleges, Non Profits, Makerspaces and now Corporates continues to grow. Tom Gray, Make48’s CEO, stressed that releasing a blueprint on an event concept while no easy feat, creates a buzz while allowing the concept to expand and allow many more budding innovators to be involved.

Make48 was created to give anyone with a big idea a 48-hour, hands on journey from Idea to Physical product by using the latest equipment and the chance to lean on experts to help them build. We find collaboration in building innovation is still the key to getting a prototype built. Almost all people have ideas, but only 5% have the skills and talent to make it by Gray’s calculation. “You need to find and work with that 5%.”

“I think we are helping make “Making” more sexy with the way our competition is constructed, compared to traditional hackathons. Our network is growing dramatically with trusted brands, manufacturers and retailers willing to work with those that are in the Make48 community that actually have innovation worthy to take to the final level . This is becoming very appealing to those wanting to host an event, as the entrepreneurship side of innovation is still the part many have no experience with and is the hardest (and most expensive) to navigate,” Tom says.

With a long list of Colleges wanting to host Make48s, Gray has positioned the High School teams being the contestants and the College Students being the tool techs. As the colleges host the event with their advanced Maker Spaces, they get to showcase their facility, students and faculty to budding High School students which may help them decide which college to attend.

With the rise in STEM, entrepreneurship, and invention programs in academia today, comes more opportunities for students to learn about each of those fields, and possibly pursue a career in them.  Make48’s most recent filmed event involved 12 Collegiate teams currently airing on PBS/APT, and reveals the importance of these programs in academics today. It shows how with the right tools and collaboration, anyone can innovate.

Keep an eye out for our applications open early next year, and find out more about how you can put on your own Make48 competition!


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