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This spring Make48 will be unloading our fabrication trailer at Kansas City’s Union Station for the filming of a brand new season! Get ready for lights, cameras and an unlimited amount of tools because ten (10) teams from around the country will compete at our 48 hour invent-a-thon.

Make48 2020

We are thrilled to bring you another season of Make48!  The “world’s fastest invention competition” will bring together 10 teams from coast to coast.  People of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels will collaborate and learn about the tools, materials and tricks to prototype and develop a brand new product idea.

Teams have exactly 48 hours to come up with an idea for one of the challenges called, build a physical prototype and create a promotional video. Teams then present their prototype to a judging panel comprised of industry professionals.

Challenge your team to build a prototype in 48 hours with the support of tool technicians and industry mentors, including some of America’s most successful product inventors.

This season, ONE winning team will be chosen and the remainder of the series highlights the process of taking the winning product through a journey of product development. For the first time in our competition history, the winning team will take home a $10,000 cash prize!

Want to submit your team? Teams must consist of 2-4 people with a team captain who must be over 18 years of age.  Upload a 1-2 minute video describing who you are and why you want to compete at our next event. Apply and be one of the 10 teams to invent at our March 5 (Thursday) – 7 (Saturday), 2020 Season 4 event.  For more information, visit   *Applications will close December 31, 2019.

What Makes A Good Team?

Hatch Innovations pitching During Season 1 of Make48

Having the right team members can make all the difference to solving a real-life problem. Diversity of skill sets is key when forming your team.  People who are confident pitching to judges, marketing, research or ideas people can all be assets to a team. Think about what your weaknesses are and select someone who has those strengths. Remember our experienced tool techs will help build your idea, so no experience necessary! So what are you waiting for? Choose your team and get ready to invent.

Watch and learn about Make48 with these short sizzles on their past events.

Union Station: Kansas City’s Iconic Landmark

Kansas City Union Station Centennial Celebration

Our 2020 Make48 event will be filmed at the beautiful and notable Union Station Kansas City.  The 100 year old Union Station is a hub of culture, education, and entertainment.  Fully-restored, the 1914 landmark is home to many attractions including; Science City, traveling national exhibits, 3D movies on the Extreme Screen, a Planetarium, Theatre District and so much more.

Named one of the country’s 25 best science centers by Parents Magazine, Science City provides hands-on learning for over 200,000 visitors annually.  Teams will work in the Discovery Area using cutting-edge technology at the Maker Studio and additional fabrication areas.  Known as THE place for inquisitive minds, Science City is the perfect place for creating, exploring and experimenting through hands-on learning.


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