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Camp Invention Makes A Difference Locally and Beyond

By November 25, 2019General

Camp Invention Impact

Camp Invention is a 5-day summer STEAM camp presented by the National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) as part of their Innovation Ecosystem for PreK-12th grade programs, the Collegiate Inventors Competition, and their Hall of Fame Museum. 

This past summer, in Missouri and Kansas alone they helped schools, universities, businesses, and non-profits host 44 Camp Invention summer camps to over 4,000 students, 222 educators, 208 high school and college volunteers, and 67 parent volunteers. 

Some of the closest programs included Liberty Public Schools, UMKC-Volker Campus, Park University, Spring Hill School District, Shawnee Mission School District, Girl Scouts of NEKS & NWMO, Ascension Catholic School, St. Ann Catholic School, St. Benedict Catholic School, Good Shephard Catholic School, emPowerU/Mosaic Life Care Foundation, and many more.

These do not include their Invention Playground preschool programs, STEM Maker Lab elementary programs, Club Invention elementary after school programs, or Invention Project middle school programs.

Nationally, they impacted over 2.2 million children, educators, college students, and inductees. They now have more than 650 of the world’s greatest inventors in our Hall of Fame. They are in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and DC. They’ve provided professional development for more than 20,000 educators. With the help of sponsors and federal funding, they’ve helped provide them amazing programs to over 50,000 underserved children. 

Registrations are open now for their 2020 Camp Invention program with more programs available nationally. Each week more and more programs are starting to open. Click here to find a local Camp Invention program near you. https://www.invent.org/programs/camp-invention

Inspiring Innovation in America

The mission of the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) is recognizing inventors and invention, promoting creativity, and advancing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

They are the driving force behind lifelong innovation, paying forward America’s rich history of invention and securing our country’s competitive advantage for the future.

Their Approach to Cultivating Innovation in the World Around Us

NIHF is the expert on innovation. They create the best STEM programming because they are the only organization with a direct connection to insights from world-changing inventors. They built an Innovation Ecosystem to introduce children to the innovation process as early as age three and continue developing that curious spirit throughout their adult life.

Beyond the numbers, they change lives!

Our vision as the National Inventors Hall of Fame is inspiring invention and innovation in America. We believe that invention and more importantly inventiveness, as defined by perseverance, creativity, entrepreneurship, confidence, and innovation, are fundamental human dispositions. When we work with schools to make inventiveness (child reinventing their life or inventing something) a central part of school experiences, children become strong advocates of their own learning. They walk their walk – that inspirational mode – in the following four ways:

First, and more importantly is the idea of fostering this innovative mindset in students and teachers. The one that creates that ability for children to transform their lives, transform their thinking, to be contributory citizens in the United States and then intellectual property literacy. 

Second, we select the world’s foremost inventors as inductees, telling inductee stories, and positioning them as inspirational role models throughout our NIHF programs and exhibit content. Our brick and mortar museum is located within the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia. The next time you’re in DC, please come visit their museum!

Third, we complete their vision to establish ourselves as a premiere authority in prek-12th creativity education in the STEM space for student learning and professional development. In professional development, we have an intensive program that creates an innovative mindset on the part of teachers and changes that whole relationship between students and teachers in empowering their own learning. 

Finally, we impact diverse populations with Title I, Title IV, migrant, homeless, and English Language Learners, populations. We support gender parity and are really proud of our statistics on a balance of gender parity. As a non-profit, we receive use sponsorships for parents, community members, and business to help provide scholarships for children in need. If someone wanted to license these program, federal funding or local donors can help pay for it. 

Want to bring these programs to your schools and community?

Each year, hundreds of new schools, universities, and non-profits host programs offered by the National Inventors Hall of Fame. As we provide all the materials, curricula, and educator training, these PreK-12th grade programs are super easy to implement, and we can even pay the teachers in the schools that host them. 

If you would like more information about these programs, please visit invent.org or contact Laura Leibman at 816-602-0017 or lleibman@invent.org. If you want to sponsor a program for local students or a few scholarships, please visit, https://www.invent.org/sponsor-and-donate

Story Credit: Laura Leibman

Photo Credit: National Inventors Hall of Fame

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