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Invention Of The Week: Eggstra Space

By November 4, 2019General


This collapsible egg storage tray will save some much needed space in your refrigerator. Invented by Brian Fried, the Eggstra Space takes only as much space as the number of eggs you have, sliding to give you more or less space as needed. The simple design allows the egg storage tray to nest within itself.  As seen on QVC, the unique kitchen gadget for your eggs is both novel and useful. 

The Eggstra Space™ benefits include:

  • Expands or collapses to hold the number of eggs you currenty have
  • Holds up to one dozen eggs
  • Plastic container for storing eggs that cuts down space in your refrigerator
  • Holds small to jumbo sized eggs
  • Slides to give you more room as you use the eggs

Brian Fried has been a major player in the invention arena for many years now, and has yielded many successes for not only his own inventions, but the inventions of others. Fried’s focus as an invention consultant encapsulates his two favorite things: inventions and helping others reach their potential. His desire to assist others in their quest for inventing success has lead him down so many paths whether that means being on camera or writing his own books. Visit his website, Brian Fried – The Inventor Coach, to learn about his inventions and/or to help you with the invention process.

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