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Miracle Wheel Barrow

By November 25, 2019General
Meet the trusted Wheelbarrow experts. Miracle Wheel Barrows is a locally and family-owned business that has been helping people complete their work using wheelbarrows safely and comfortably. It was found that wheelbarrows are a source of constant back pain and can be embarrassing to use as well. Eliminate problems such as back strain/body fatigue with a multitude of design and safety features that accommodate a variety of needs.
Choose from three quality wheelbarrows (Standard Wheelbarrow, Contractor Wheelbarrow and Ultra Wheelbarrow) at affordable prices with standard safety features including:
  • No tipping
  • No flat tires (solid rubber wheels installed)
  • No lifting is required (three-wheeled wheelbarrow that can be pushed or pulled)
  • Brake on the rear castor wheel prevents the wheelbarrow from rolling away on an incline.

See more options with the Contractor and Ultra Wheelbarrow offering additional features such as more durability, capacity and lighting.

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