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Season 4 Lineup With Nick Ward-Bopp

By December 17, 2019General

Nick Ward-Bopp has been a volunteer tool tech with Make48 since 2016.  “I was teaching an intro to FabLab course at the Kansas City Art Institute and [Make48] happened to be having the competition in their new Fab Lab. I volunteered to help with 3D printing,” said Nick. 

“Being a Tool Tech allows me to use the skill sets that I have been building everyday through my work at Maker Village and the Johnson County library makerspace. The best part is learning how to use new tools, in new workshops, with other Tool Techs with a bunch of different experiences and backgrounds… under a little bit of pressure!” continued Ward-Bopp. 

The fast work of a Tool Tech has not gone by without lessons learned as well. “Because there is a time crunch during the competition, we don’t have time to mess up the fabrication of a part that a team has requested. So it’s important to take your time on the front end, asking questions about the design and confirming everything (dimensions, use, etc), because it ends up actually saving time.” Nick thrived during his first experience as a Tool Tech and was hooked. “After a hard day’s work I got the black shirt and have been coming back ever since!” 

Nick Ward-Bopp founded the Maker Village with his partner and co-owner in 2011. Maker Village is a shared woodworking and metalworking shop offering memberships, classes and workspace. Nick is skilled in fabrication tools including; vector, laser and vinyl cutting, woodworking, 3d modeling/printing, welding, sewing, and general fabrication.

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