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Season 4 Lineup With Stan Fernald

By December 12, 2019General, Proof

Stan is an original member of the Tool Techs. One of our first volunteers, Stan was introduced to Make48 by co-founder Rich Brull through their Steel Table Group. The first event was a favorite for Stan. “It was so grassroots and we didn’t know what we were doing. But hey we’re inventors. We’ll figure it out.” 

What keeps Stan coming back to Make48?  “It’s the sportsmanship, creativity and inspiration that it brings in. (the) Spirit of Make48, everybody is feeding off of everybody else. Even if you’re competing with them, they’re also inspiring each other.  It inspires me, and that’s why I got involved as a tool tech from the start.”

Stan is the owner of RetroDIODE, where he designs, manufactures and sells LED retrofit kits for vintage microscopes. His shop includes seven 3d-printers, laser cutters, a metal lathe and a large collection of tools, bulbs and microscopes of all sizes and shapes. Stan is skilled in the following tools including; 3d printing and CAD, Welding/Metalwork, Laser Cutting and Graphic Design.  

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