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Jimmy DiResta | Designer. Builder. Maker.

By January 29, 2020General

Master builder and YouTube star, Jimmy DiResta will be at our competition this spring at Union Station!

With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Jimmy has engaged and inspired thousands of Makers through video content. He keeps his viewers up-to-date with his latest projects, builds and the daily “going ons” around the shop. 

DiResta Library Desk: YouTube

The New York-based designer has worked with tools for over 40 years. Jimmy is well-known for his ability to work with almost any type of materials and who has designed and created everything from canoes to a Carolina tool box  to the DiResta library desk, built for an elementary school librarian.


The seasoned Maker practically grew up in a workshop in Long Island, New York. Jimmy was taught to experiment and learn through problem-solving from his dad, a handyman. Using different tools, skills and materials, Jimmy and his brothers were raised to learn all you can about anything and everything. The early lessons their father taught them became part of their problem-solving arsenal. 

Jimmy has appeared and co-hosted numerous television shows, many where he appears alongside his brother John DiResta. In 2003, he co-hosted “Trash to Cash” on FX and in 2006 “Hammered with John & Jimmy DiResta” on HGTV — with a focus on Jimmy’s craftsmanship and John’s humor. In 2011, Jimmy co-hosted Dirty Money with John on the Discovery Channel, where the DiResta brothers set out scouring every corner of NYC, from dumpsters to flea markets. 

Photo Credit: @jimmydiresta

He’s co-hosted the weekly “Making It” Podcast since October, 2014 with David Picciuto and Bob Clagett and in 2016, Make published a book co-written by Jimmy and John Baichtal titled, “Workshop Mastery with Jimmy DiResta.”

DiResta assisted Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman on NBC’s Making It, as their show’s Master helper in 2017. Jimmy now has the nickname “Jimmy Two Shows” as both his podcast and the show share a name. In 2018, Jimmy was also a judge at Make48’s college competition in Baltimore. He returns in March to co-host our event and help the teams alongside our tool techs!

Get plugged into one of the most encouraging and inspiring communities in the makerspace. You can follow DiResta as he builds and creates on his YouTube channel and support his work by visiting his Shop or donating to his Patreon page. 

Story Credit: Cassandra Munoz

Photo Credit: jimmydiresta.com