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Make48 Becomes Proud Sponsor of WORKBENCHCon

By January 29, 2020General

What does it take to be a master Maker? If you want to be a part of a growing community for the DIY influencer, Maker, and blogger, the WorkbenchCon might be just for you!

The WorkbenchCon is a conference for Makers and content creators. If you’re in the business of producing entertaining or educational material to a target audience, the content produced can take many forms, including blog posts, videos, photos, and infographics. 

Discover new content techniques, products and skills by some of the best in the field. Learn how to engage new and existing customer’s on your brand’s behalf. With their engaging sessions and hands-on demos, the WorkbenchCon wants to inspire your next steps. 

Designer and master builder, Jimmy DiResta will kick-off the WorkbenchCon event on February 21, followed by speakers and sessions all weekend long. Meet Ben Uyeda, Char Miller-King, Ethan Abramson, Jonathan Katz-Moses, Izzy Swan, and many more!

Jimmy Diresta (l) with WorkbenchCon emcee Kevin Barnett (r), in 2019


Get invaluable tips and tricks and get your questions answered by the experts. Sessions and workshops are available throughout the conference and touch on subjects such as photo workshops, building your business through sales & marketing and digital manufacturing. 

Make48 and WorkbenchCon have come together and will be working with each other at the National Hardware Show this year. “A Make48 and WorkbenchCon sponsorship and collaboration simply makes sense for us,” says Make48’s Tom Gray. “What the overall group of Makers stand for, by producing educational and quality content for the maker and DIY committees. is something that is appealing to us and aligns with our future growth plans. Workbench’s creator Kristin Stockdale, has done an outstanding job of creating a powerful brand and conference.”

Learn how to take your business to the next level on February 20-22, 2020 with the 2.5 day conference that allows you to network with your community and brands.  Pick up new techniques for equipment and video production by your favorite YouTube stars. Sponsored by Home Depot, it’s now your chance to relate to the influencer, DIYer, and business person in you.

READY TO JOIN THE FUN? Meet your favorite Maker and grab your ticket to the 2020 Workbench Con


Story Credit: Cassandra Munoz