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By January 7, 2020General

One of the highlights from a 2018 TD Ameritrade survey was that Millennials expect to spend more money on their dogs over the course of the pet’s lifetime than they do on their own lifetime health care costs. It might sound ridiculous but pets have become a very important part of our lives. A former Season 1 participant understands that and has invented a safer way for dogs to chew rawhide. 

We spoke to Kirby Kendall in 2018 about his product launch on Kickstarter, the EverChew. The kickstarter didn’t meet its’ goal, but Kirby partnered with entrepreneur and dogfather to @minihuskyy Anthony Fata. They renamed the product to the SafetyChew

SafetyChew keeps dogs safe from choking by locking dog chews into the undefeatable (and easy-refill) rubber ring, keeping dogs happy and busy for a long time. Made in the USA (Maine), the partners slightly redesigned the improved SafetyChew by testing a new elastomer in the mold. Using quality materials, Kirby has given dog owners the piece of mind that dogs cannot choke on a chew bone. 


To prevent choking, when bully sticks and rawhide dog chews get eaten down to a smaller piece, dogs can gulp the chew bone down. When dogs swallow a chew stub, it can get lodged in the dog’s throat or become an obstruction deeper in the digestive system. 


Inside the SafetyChew rubber ring is a nylon pin that passes through a hole in the chew. This hole turns a normal dog treat into a safe chew for dogs. SafetyChew uses a nylon pin to lock the chew into the ring. 


Since the pin passes through a hole in the bully stick or rawhide chew, the only way for a dog to defeat SafetyChew is (1) by bending the nylon pin up and out of the center hole by tugging on the chew, or (2) by getting the pin past the latch and out of the ring.


Removing the chew locking nylon pin is a double-action process. First, the black rubber latch is moved aside by one finger, while the other hand’s finger pushes the pin free from the backside. The pin head is then pulled mostly out so that the chew stub (if present), can be removed.


A new safe chew treat for your dog or puppy is installed by lining up the hole in the chew with the pin. Then push the pin inward through the chew and into the other side of the ring. Make sure the head of the pin slips past the black latch. That’s all there is to it! The latch locks the pin into the ring, and the pin locks in the chew.

To get your dogs the safe SafetyChew visit their website at If you have any questions about the product, email Kirby at

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