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Season 4 Lineup with Chelsea Lombardo

By January 22, 2020General

Chelsea Lombardo is a Make48 season 3 alum, having served as a member on Team Potluck from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Their mobile carbon monoxide detector in the form of a canary brought home the top prize and continues to be in development. She led the team’s 3D design and output, as well as their digital marketing presentation, combining her technical skills in design and media with the conceptual concepts developed within her team. 

Chelsea looks to combine her skills in 3D modeling and prototyping with her ability, to story tell through film, to collaborate with each team to create strong, meaningful, and captivating final prototypes and presentations for the judgement round of the competition. 

An architectural designer from Chicago, Illinois, Chelsea is interested in the way systems shape our lives on a global and civic scale, both physically and ephemerally. She currently practices as an interior designer in Chicago, Illinois creating bespoke spaces with a focus on detailed millwork pieces, such as custom bars, furnishings, and light fixtures. 

Chelsea combines her passion for designed objects and sustainability through research and work that explores extremities, forming alternate and oftentimes contrasting narratives between space and materiality to re-frame our collective understanding of why we value what we value.

Projects such as Plastic Debt (Rossana Orlandi, Salone del Mobile, 2019) takes an abundant material and places it on the platform of fine art by re-molding it as an editioned art object, giving inherent value to it by adding limitation. More information on Chelsea and her work can be found at www.chelsealombardo.us. Welcome back Chelsea!