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Season 4 Lineup With Rick Kehler

By January 29, 2020General

Rick has seen Make48 grow since the first season as a team member. “I was involved in the very first Make48 as a contestant on a team with 2 guys I worked with. The next event I was involved as a Tool Tech, and then for the Washington DC event I was back on a team as a competitor. Since then all the remaining events I have been involved in as a Tool Tech.” 

As a longtime inventor, Rick has created many things, mostly out of necessity or hobby and working with teams at Make48 creates an atmosphere of innovation that Rick enjoys. “I really enjoy being in the general atmosphere of innovation that gets created during these events. So many good ideas and talented people in a single event is just a feeling that is hard to describe without using words like “Phenomenal” and “Awesome”!”

A manufacturing engineer and manager, Rick has worked in low and high volume manufacturing jobs in varying roles for 25 years. His skill sets include electronics, woodworking, 3d modeling and CAD (Fusion 360) and management. We’re happy to see Rick return for another season of Make48!