Season 4 Lineup With Travis Putman

By January 3, 2020General

Meet one of our 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and product design specialist Travis Putman. He has been developing prototypes for 15+ years. As a member of the Inventors Center of Kansas City, Travis met our co-founders at a monthly meeting, discussing the concept and planning for the first Make48 event. Travis was intrigued about the competition, thought it sounded fun and wanted to help. 

“Since I didn’t know how the Make48 event was going to work, I arrived at the event early to listen to the presentations and the reveal. After the competition category reveal, the teams headed down to the Maker Studio.  I followed the teams down to the space where we listened to how the event was going to work. As all the competitors entered into Maker Studio, Stan Fernald (Tool Tech) had this overwhelmed look on his face. At that point Stan was the only 3D modeler on the Tool Tech team. Seeing all these people and teams that he was going to have to support must have been pretty terrifying.  When Rich got through the Tool Tech introductions I stepped out from behind the team crowd and announced that I was there to help with the 3D modeling and prototype development. Stan’s face was priceless. He was visibly relieved that I was there to be part of the team. That was the first time I met Stan and we have been good friends ever since.”

Travis’s favorite part about Make48 is the energy that surrounds the event. “The excitement and creativity that is flowing is contagious for everyone there.  Being around all of the teams and seeing their ideas come to life make the sleepless hours worth it.” Travis is skilled in the following tools: 3d CAD, 3d modeling, CNC, laser cutting, sewing and product design. We’re excited he’s once again part of our Tool Tech lineup for our upcoming Season 4!

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