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Season 4 Lineup With Xyla Foxlin

By January 16, 2020General

The #PrincessesWithPowerTools program has taught nearly 5,000 kids to use their first power tool, and this season the woman behind the program will be at our next event. Meet our new tool tech this season, Xyla Foxlin! 

Xyla is a mechatronics engineer and the Co-founder and executive director of Beauty and the Bolt, a nonprofit focused on lowering the barrier for entry of women and minorities in STEM fields. In early 2016, Xyla launched the online maker community with Co-founder Andrew DuPuis. As both host and producer on the platform’s YouTube channel, Xyla works to make “how-to” maker tutorials accessible and easily understandable to non-engineers. 

Xyla was also the Founder and CEO of Parihug, a former company focused on integrating emotions and technology to create a fuller digital experience.

Our new tech is skilled in fabrication techniques including: 2D/3D/PCB CAD, rapid prototyping, electronics, metal and wood fabrication, design for manufacture (DFM), video editing / production and entrepreneurship. Please welcome Xyla Foxlin! 


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