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Welcome To Season 4: The Bumble Bees

By January 30, 2020General

The Bumble Bees is a team composed of four family members from the east coast (Maryland and Florida), that spans three generations. 

  • Caleb Marquit, Gen Z,  is a quick witted boy always loaded with energy.  He has quite an imagination and is always filled with wonder.

Their two Gen X’s are brother-in-laws, David Bezos and Seth Marquit. Both David and Seth are used to dealing with high pressure situations and meeting critical deadlines. 

  • David is a helicopter pilot flying high above Baltimore MD.  He has safely piloted both famous celebrities and life saving organs awaiting transplant to various destinations. He always has a birds eye view of things.  
  • Seth Marquit is a practicing and teaching Emergency Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physician in Miami, Fl. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.  He also has a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Seth tries to teach his patients how to prevent medical problems but emergencies do happen and he is there in the ER when they do.  Seth fixes just about everything, not only humans.  
  • Angel is a retired electrical engineer and inventor / co-inventor holding over 30 US patents.  Although he has retired from electrical engineering, he has never stopped inventing.

Why the Bumble Bees? Their team has many similar traits to the Bumble Bees

  • Quick and full of energy (Caleb)
  • Can fly high and see things from a higher and different perspective.(David)
  • Can cross pollinate ideas from different disciplines (Seth)
  • Can sting more than once.  (We are not a one hit wonder; 30 patents.  (Angel)
  • They have been around for many generations. (Family)
  • They will work as a team to create a beautiful and complex structure or product (The Bumble Bees)

Welcome to Season 4 of Make48 Bumble Bees!