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Season 4 Lineup: The Maker Studio

By February 25, 2020General

Welcome our tool techs from Union Station-Science City — Ryan, Jon and Christina! 

Ryan, Christina and Jon from the Maker Studio will be assisting the teams during the compeition. With years of experience and knowledge, we’re very excited to have them onboard. Welcome to the team!

Ryan: Maker Specialist, The Maker Studio

Ryan has a sculpture degree and years of classroom teaching experience which she uses as the Maker Specialist at the Maker Studio – a Makerspace at Science City whose mission is to inspire guests, expose them to new tools/techniques and teach them new skills.

Ryan develops a wide variety of Maker activities from traditional Making to new tech for Maker Studio patrons to experience. Her favorite thing about working at Science City is showing guests how they can use familiar materials in unfamiliar ways, and combine low tech materials, with high tech tools & processes to make awesome things. 

Ryan’s maker skills include: Sewing, surface design for fiber arts, basic electronics & arduinos, laser cutting, 3d design/printing, woodworking, casting in a variety of materials, papercrafting, cardboard crafting and cnc routing. Her favorite things to make are wearable electronics, cosplay outfits & accessories, paper sculptures, and anything out of cardboard.

Jon: Educator, The Maker Studio

Jon’s background is actually not Maker-related, but as a kid he enjoyed taking things apart and trying to put them back together. 

Jon’s maker skills include: Sewing, electronics & raspberry pi, woodworking, 3d printing, laser cutting, cnc routing, pvc pipe fabrication, film production, and coding. Within the Maker Studio he does a lot of the electronics work, like soldering, working with Raspberry Pi’s, etc.  Electronics are also his biggest pet projects in his spare time. Outside of tech, he enjoys making and trying different foods and cooking techniques. 

What he enjoys the most about Science City is how much it has exposed him to different technologies. He’s been able to explore 3D printing and design, molding & casting and how to operate the ShopBot router. 

Christina: Maker Educator, The Maker Studio 

Christina is a local Kansan Maker and artist. She enjoys manufacturing and turning her ideas into products. Christina is a strong advocate for the Maker movement and sharing ideas/information freely. With a background in fine art she tries to make her fabrication designs artistic as well. More of her work can be found at http://www.christinagsmith.com

Christina has experience in fabrication including: 2D/3D CAD, graphics and vector design, laser/vinyl cutting, rapid prototyping, metal casting, wood fabrication, design for manufacturer, video editing, basic sewing & leather work. 

Christina enjoys working at Science City in the Maker Studio for a number of reasons, including inspiring children on how technology and tools can elevate their ideas and expand their horizons for the future.

Follow what’s going on in the Maker Studio at their blog. Welcome to Season 4!

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