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Welcome To Season 4 Bright Ideas

By February 21, 2020General, Proof

Meet our Kansas City team! Monique, DiEarin, Ben and Damon are representing Operation Breakthrough at the event.

Operation Breakthrough is a decades-old Kansas City nonprofit that offers educational support and additional services. The center includes a MakerCity with Educational Zones including areas such as a gym, yoga studio, library and MakerSpace. A dedicated team of staff work with more than 500 children. 

DiEerin has been a student at OB for seven years. She loves to build and has the nickname of Tinkerbell or Tinker Fairy. She’s bringing her mom Monique, and staff members Ben and Damon.

Ben is the Life Science lab guy and Damon is a Digital Media lab guy at OB. They’re looking forward to showing people what the benefits are of Operation Breakthrough and how amazing their organization is!


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