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Welcome to Season 4 InvenTROY

By February 19, 2020General, Proof

Meet the team of Makers from Troy, New York, Adam, Anasha, Sam, and Dan. Headquarters is at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity (TVCOG) Maker Space, and it is there where they build, prototype, invent, and create. They each have a diverse range of interests and professions. 

Sam is an engineer, and has started his own product development business, where he is looking to create the next big thing. 

Adam is an entrepreneur, and owns and operates The Hill at Muza, a popular Modern Beer Garden (their food is awesome). 

Anasha is a systems designer, graphic designer, and is also involved in local politics. 

Dan is an engineer and facilities specialist at TVCOG. He trains people to use equipment and keeps things running smoothly.

Together they are Team InvenTROY and are excited to be competing in season 4 of Make48! 


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