Commercialization Crew of PNW: Season 4 Team

Meet three mechanical engineering technology students and one college of business student from Purdue University Northwest.

Purdue University Northwest is a leader in experiential education, giving students the opportunity to get out of the classroom and apply what they are learning in a real-world setting and it led to the creation the Commercialization and Manufacturing Excellence Center.

The Center provides students and community members who need assistance commercializing their ideas, as well as industry seeking technology solutions through sponsored projects. Meet the team representing CMEC, Jacob, Nic, Zac and Jordan.

Jacob, Nic and Zac are part of a competitive race team that builds and races off-road vehicles and are very familiar with the manufacturing process. Jordan is responsible for starting his own successful app and being the founder of the entrepreneuring club on campus. His knowledge of the business world is invaluable.

Watch the teams compete this fall on PBS/APT and catch past seasons on our YouTube Channel and a sizzle reel for the production of Season 4 


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