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By March 30, 2020General

Described by bosses as “a word wizard,” Robb Yagmin is the President of the outstanding PR firm, PSPR. 

As an ex-TV reporter, Robb has an insight that many others in PR don’t. He’s been there. Producers and reporters know what is pitched is a legit, newsworthy and timely story. Make48 entrusted PSPR for their Season 4 press and Robb delivered AND did an outstanding job. 

A PR agency helps you, and your business, tell a story about your brand to a broad audience. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup, agencies help turn your story into a positive and unique one. Robb took time and answered a few questions. 


What should you look for in a PR agency?

When looking for PR help…do your research.  Look for firms that do what you want. If you covet billboards, great.  If you want to look for print or radio ads, there are firms that specialize there.  If you’re looking to get media coverage for your invention or product…that is my wheelhouse. 

After spending 17 years holding the microphone, I specialize in media training as well.  I know the tricks and traps that the reporter can play during an interview and know that sometimes it is not WHAT you say…but what you don’t.

In regards to Make48’s event, how did the PSPR firm showcase the event at Union Station-Science City to a wider audience?

Make48 was a great project for PSPR.  We were able to utilize our relationships in Kansas City to help tell the story to more than a whopping 336,000 viewers.


What have you learned being in this business? 

I believe in the power of people and the honesty around a person’s word…but I have been burned too many times by handshake-deals. 

The PR world is a small circle of folks who understand the hustle around finding business and unfortunately there are too many snakes that lie or mislead clients.  I am transparent. Sometimes to a fault. I think honesty is the best way to get a client and make them a friend. Public Relations should not be about the first word…it is all about the second word…relations. 

To contact Robb and the PSPR agency visit his website or you can reach him via | 913.908.0028.

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