Team RADium: Season 4 Team

Ellena, Danielle, Michael and Wally are a family of four, originally from Ohio. A unique bunch, they have a lot of love and respect for each other as artists and are firmly bonded in their Polish heritage, hence the nod to Marie Curie in their team name.  Their family is spread throughout the states, but remain a close family. Introducing the players.

Wally (The Mad Scientist) is the father of Ellena, Danielle and Michael. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he now lives in Las Vegas where he works in research & development and loves making art in jewelry and glass as well as creating new inventions in musical instruments.

Danielle (The Aesthete) is a professional photographer from San Diego and loves creating beautiful things with her hands.

Michael (The Engineer) is a systems analyst in Atlanta. He has a passion for car design and professional sports.

Ellena (The Producer) is the captain for the team. She lives in New York City where she works in fashion design. She also writes, directs and produces in experimental and immersive theatre.

Watch the teams compete this fall on PBS/APT and catch past seasons on our YouTube Channel and a sizzle reel for the production of Season 4

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