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I spoke to 3D Modeling expert John Vilardi about the invention process and turning ideas into realistic 3D construction models. 3D models and drawings allow designers to communicate their invention idea to a potential company or audience. With over 20 years of experience, read how John began his company and how he can help you with your ideas.

Thanks to my father, I have always had a strong interest in inventing. In 2001, I decided to take a course in Graphics Communication, 3D Modeling, Photoshop, and Web Design. I totally fell in love with 3D modeling — the perfect tool for inventing. 

3D modeling is basically creating a 3-dimensional object (in this case their invention) on a computer using 3D software; then creating a 3D rendering or picture of that model.

In 2008. I joined an inventor’s club online called Edison Nation. They offer inventors avenues and that’s where it all started to come together and I realized most people cannot draw. My expertise in mechanics, 3D modeling and interpreting people’s ideas made it possible to take their idea and bring it to life. 

What is so great about 3D rendering, is you don’t need to have a physical product to show your client. Creating a sell sheet with a 3D rendering is a powerful tool to show a client your idea, without having to spend a lot of money on an actual physical prototype. 

From my experience, I feel you should spend the least amount of money as possible, because you will hear more no’s than yeses in this business. A sell sheet and a 3D render can go a long way AND it will keep the cost down. If you find a company that is interested, you can then take it to the next step – an actual working prototype and so on. 

The biggest problem I’ve seen is most clients don’t do their homework and haven’t thought it through. Gene Quinn said “Anyone can have an idea, but those who work to put meat on the bones and put flesh on their ideas are the ones who can claim the mantle of invention.” 

This is so true. Anyone can have an idea but how do the mechanics work? Is there something similar out there that would help me understand how it works? 

Even the worst drawings can help me understand your vision. Remember this is your idea – I am not a mind reader. (Believe me I’ve tried)  The best way is to communicate your idea: Write a clear description. Do some drawings no matter how rough they are, from different angles – if possible. The more you give me, the less time I spend on it and, as we all know, time is money.

Follow Me Light Leash is one of my products that I am very proud of – along with many others. They all started with just a 3D rendering and a Sell Sheet. That is pretty powerful!

If you’re interested in working with John on your next idea, reach out to him via http://www.johnvilardi.com!

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