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Melissa Miller | Owner of Millers Rustic Sawmill and Season 4 Tool Tech

By April 13, 2020General

Last week I “met” (via Zoom) with Melissa Miller.  Melissa was a tool tech during our season 4 event, and we looked back at the competition and discussed how long she has been a supporter of Make48.

At our ‘20 March event in Kansas City, Melissa volunteered to be a Make48 tool tech. Her husband Bucky and herself have been sponsors of Make48 since season 1 with their business Millers Rustic Sawmill. They even provided the wood slabs for the winning Season 1 product, the Chopguide as seen in this Maker Minute YouTube video.

This season they both jumped in and helped our team with everything from setting up to breaking down, appeared on Kansas City local media, and had a lot of laughs along the way. 

Melissa’s takeaways of her first season as a Tool Tech

The difference between attending Make48 competitions for the previous 2 years for me and Bucky was that it was just hard to watch without wanting to jump in and help. This time, I enjoyed getting to be hands-on with the teams and having access to collaborate with the teams. That was what this event was really about and it was so much fun to be a part of!

Union Station – Science City

One of the things I noticed right away was the location in Kansas City, Union Station. The space sparked so much creativity, imagination and innovation. It was the perfect spot for the teams! In these kinds of competitions, you can get tunnel vision, and Science City was a great spot to get up and walk around.


After the teams were done presenting, and the judges were making their decision, I jumped into one of the “spinner chairs.” First off, they’re so much FUN! Then as I looked up, I noticed the ceiling design was the same design in their presentation of their product design. So, I wondered if they got the design idea from spinning in these chairs?! How awesome would that be! It was an inspiring space for design and I think the teams would agree. It was also convenient (hotel, restaurants, transportation). Really overall the ideal place to hold the competition. 



Make48 Season 4 Co-hosts

This was also the first time that Make48 had hosts and brought in Xyla Foxlin and Jimmy DiResta. I was so excited to see them. They were both so good together, and brought a ‘genuinity’ to the event. If you watch their Youtube videos, you know how knowledgeable and passionate they are about their craft and I think it was an amazing treat for the teams! 



I’ve been following Jimmy for a long time, and it wasn’t until the last day that I told him how big of a fan I was and needed a picture before he left! We talked about our sawmill in King City, and we plan to ship him out some wood if he wants some! 


Who would be on your Make48 team? 

Okay, so I would have to choose Carson (son), Bucky (husband) and of course Jimmy! Maybe we could call ourselves the SuperMakers? Picking a name might have to be Bucky’s responsibility, but I might be worried what name he might pick 😂

Reach Out To Millers Rustic Sawmill

Visit the Millers’ Facebook page, Instagram, or their website to see their amazing family-owned sawmill, or watch one of Melissa’s Live DIY videos on their facebook page. Here they talk to Make48 about creating custom pieces, a perfect place to get your kiln-dried wood and live edge slabs for any project you have in mind!


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