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Nominate Your College to Host a Make48

By April 13, 2020General

Could your college host the next Make48? Inspire the next generation of creators, designers, engineers and future innovators through our Make48 blueprint. Give students an opportunity to work with business executives, industry professionals and entrepreneurs. 

The 48-hour competition is a challenge, but a rewarding experience. With six successful events and three televised seasons, airing in 92% of American households (through APT/PBS),  Make48 has released their blueprint to colleges, nonprofits, and makerspaces. 

The concept and challenge of Make48 is: 

  • Teams (2-4 persons) are given a challenge
  • Teams build a Physical Prototype based on a challenge
  • Design a Sales Sheet
  • Create a 1-minute marketing video
  • Present their product idea to a panel of judges

With tool technicians and access to a Makerspace, with fabrication capabilities, teams can build almost anything within their concept challenge using tools and equipment and the techs who know how to run that equipment. 

Our events coordinator, Amy Gray, reported “the event concept has been a developing success. Creating a blueprint and releasing it, has itself been a challenge, yet it allows the original concept to expand and allow more innovators to be involved.”

The lead contact works with our Make48 team to plan the event. Here is a look…. 

  • The HOST is the COLLEGE location (college with a makerspace)
  • The LEADER works with Make48 team to plan the event
  • The TOOL TECHS are college students who work within Makerspace
  • The TEAMS are high school students (6 regional high schools) The teams build a concept for a challenge. Students compete at the campus makerspace for 3 days (2 days of competition; 1 day introduction), interacting with college students and faculty.
  • The SPONSOR calls the challenge for the competition.

Make48 Season 3 Stanley Black & Decker Makerspace

Reimagine Education

The Make48 blueprint enables students opportunities in multiple areas; expanding their professional networks, building new skills, creating relationships with students across different studies, age groups and backgrounds, building better student-teacher relationships and improving a student’s love of learning using hands-on experience. 

As teams, high school students get the opportunity to pick up new skills, stretch their abilities, and get a first-hand look at the college and a brief college experience. They will further some of our most basic, but essential capabilities — communication, analytical thinking, stress management, public speaking, marketing, and teamwork. 

If you want to build a pathway to a stronger future, and want to nominate (or apply) your school visit,  https://make48.com/collegiate-competitions/.

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