Lockdown With Jimmy DiResta

By May 12, 2020General

It’s a strange time for everyone. With the quarantine influencing everyone, including the maker movement (from DIY to industry experts), influencers are busy adapting. Confined to their homes, many have had to modify their platforms, and it’s become an opportunity for authenticity. But for influencer Jimmy DiResta, he’s already as authentic as it comes.  

I chat with Jimmy on how he is keeping busy and what, if anything, has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.


DiResta Giant Mallet

Make48: Many influencers have had to shift content to normalcy and daily routines. Your normalcy is still pretty cool, like building crazy, awesome pieces like the convertible bench/table; smashing watermelons with a giant mallet (built from the wood on your property), and raising chickens. What has your daily routine looked like the past couple of months and has it changed?

Jimmy: This time has been very productive for me! Without interruptions and travel I’m able to get a tremendous amount more work done in the shop, and in and around the house. We have 40 acres and it’s a lot to manage with chickens and spring cleaning, so for me it is a welcome break in the routine.


Paddling the canoe he built

Make48: What has helped you navigate through these strange times during Covid-19?

Jimmy: I keep up with current events mainly through social media, constantly listening to YouTube and all the various different media outlets funneled through YouTube. 

I typically lead a solitary life up here in the country so it hasn’t been too much of a change. Just more time for myself which is always a welcome. 

Make48: Influencers often rely on generating income from views and sponsorship. How has this changed since the virus?

Jimmy: It has been a bit of an uptick in views which of course is nice, but considering I have more output, that also contributes to more views when I post more regularly. I have one client that put their payroll on hold but so far that is the only one thankfully.


Keep safe box built with scrap-wood


Make48: How do you keep the creativity going?

Jimmy: I have enough ideas to keep me busy for about 15 lifetimes. The only thing challenging is what to work on next.

Keep entertained with Jimmy and see what idea he builds next! Visit him on his YouTube channel, listen on  Making It and The FitZall Podcast and check out his Instagram and Facebook social feeds to glimpse the daily going-ons with the workshop tool master, Jimmy DiResta.



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