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Packaging Matters. Thinking Inside AND Outside the Box

By July 7, 2020General


First impressions matter and a sleek package design and top-notch branding is a key element to any piece of product packaging. Today it almost matters what’s outside the box as much as what’s in, although its often the last consideration in the invention process. 

But in a sea of shelves, standing out is very important. You can deliver a great user experience through unique and memorable packaging. 

Product packaging design itself has become an art and there are a few things you should consider when you’re getting ready to design your product packaging. 

Unique Product Packaging

A storybook projector for toddlers delivers when it comes to packaging. Moonlite is the first ever mini-projector device invented by mom Natalie.

It contains a photo reel which is sandwiched between an easy to rotate the disc and was designed by the team at Mako Design + Invent

Moonlite – A Storybook Projector for Your Toddler


Moonlites clever product packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing for both kids and adults, but it’s also a clever way to alert consumers to the overall concept of the products function. 

Here are a few tips to think about when designing your product packaging.

  • The right packaging not only attracts consumers, it will keep your product safe.
  • Keeping your target audience at the forefront of your design will successfully help you with package design. 
  • The type of materials used in packaging can be considered part of your brand. 
  • Keep true to your design materials and brand message. 
  • Distinctive product packaging can also be available for trademark. If it plays a critical role in your brand, you can protect the intellectual property rights through the USPTO.
  • You can find an endless supply of options when it comes to packaging. There is something out there for every budget, material and size.

There are many dynamics to consider when it comes to your product. Custom packaging can make a big impact on any brand, whether its for a startup or Fortune 500 company. Creating a strong exterior visual will help your customers and build a better brand for you!


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