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Valor Manufacturing: Modernize Your Training

By July 6, 2020General

Technology changes fast and digital tools can help workers and companies keep up. With the goal of solving the local skills gap, a company stepped forward with a solution for St. Joseph, Missouri.  

Valor Manufacturing Training is transforming the manufacturing industry. Created in 2018, Valor is working with local employers to meet their workforce training needs.

The Valor solution helps manufacturers solve today’s skills shortage by providing industry standard digital training designed to train new hires. 

Creating the types of needed programs can be a large expense for companies to incorporate on their own.

“Essentially, a company can hire somebody with no experience in a particular field and the company has the means and the tools to train them while they are doing their on-the-job training. It’s a more formal process this way.” said Lute Atieh, of Valor Manufacturing Training.

“We have the curriculum, the content,” he said. “It’s all interactive, engaging. We host it all and we just teach the company how to administer this to their new staff or staff that want to move up in the company.” 

Working with Make48 on developing their curriculum modules, the retention strategy company has developed state-of-the-art personalized content and training platforms, to reduce the cost of training and turnover for manufacturers.

By building the future of employer driven training, Valor gives companies the tools to close the skills gap without waiting on traditional educational institutions, and reduces the cost of training and turnover for manufacturers.

With a list of product services and features including; Track effectiveness, integration with ADP and other existing databases and both on call and onsite support (available in both English and Spanish) — Valor is training built to fit your specific needs.  

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