Recap Season 4 with Team Homestar

By September 9, 2020General


Meet Austin-based team Homestar, Kirby, Robyn, and Kimberly. Kirby is returning to Make48 and he’s bringing two new team members with him, Kimberly and Robyn. The Texas team discusses their experience at the fastest 48 hour competition.  



Why did you apply/want to compete on Make48? 

Kirby: It’s a fun challenge, unique and I hoped to win!  

Kim: It sounded really fun. It was pitched to me and I read up about it. It sounded like it would be really cool, so I flew in with no idea what to expect. It was an adventure and it was fun (some of it!) I loved it. 

Robyn: (Laughing) Kirby suckered me in! 



What was the most difficult part about the competition? 

Kirby: For me the most difficult thing, (and this is true for all three events) is you get a single trip to the store and it didn’t have everything we needed. I rented a bike to go to the dollar store up the road to go buy some clips, because they didn’t sell these bitty clips we needed. I wish we had more access to stores. The more stores you can hit, the better your chances are building a better prototype.

Kim: Keeping awake at the last stretch before judging.  Also changing things at the last minute. We had 2 prototypes but had to get rid of due to obstacles.

Robyn: Especially if you decided to change your prototype – it was a challenge getting more supplies. Although they did have a good amount there at the Tool Tech’s tables.



Did you learn anything new from doing the competition? 

Robyn: I would say 48hours is the longest and the shortest amount of time ever. 

Kim: It was really cool learning from the Tool Techs. Even though we couldn’t touch the machinery, they would explain to us what they were doing and they were very clear. I also saw how all three of us are more creative than we realized as a team. 



Looking back, is there anything you would’ve done differently? 

Kirby:  I’ve actually thought about that and I’m not sure what we would do differently. 

Kim: We never really got too negative feedback prior to judging, we just designed the product the best we could. We didn’t know where we stood. That was one thing. 

Kirby: I wish the judges would be brutally honest. 

Robyn: You know. I can take it!  



Overall what was the best part of the Make48 experience? 

Kim: The challenge is like an obstacle race. You don’t know what’s coming and you’re just there, trying to create something. So …. I joined and just enjoyed the ride.

Also meeting and working with people from Outpost Worldwide. Michael (Make48 producer) was very helpful and let me use his laptop to edit commercials. Keennan from Outpost worked with us on the graphics and gave us some great ideas and made things easier to edit because he knew we were in a time crunch.  And working with Robyn was fun because she’s hilarious! 

Robyn: I met a relative I didn’t know I had! (Christopher Guerrerra) That was crazy. 

Kirby: For me it was a challenge. It’s like running a marathon. You finish it, and say, I’ll never do it again. But then when you think about it, you think about the fun parts. And I like to brainstorm. And invent, that’s kind of my thing. So I like it…. and maybe I’d do it again. 


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