Creating For A Cause: Makers April Wilkerson and Brandy Aubé To Build for the River Kelly Fund

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In partnership with WorkbenchCon, Make48 is challenging two Makers to create and raise awareness for charities in the YouTube Maker Series Showcase. The second episode of the invention competition series will challenge the talented and well-known makers to build a piece in memoriam for the River Kelly Fund.

Make48 is modifying their fast-paced 48 hour invention competition to challenge makers, April Wilkerson and Brandy Aubé, to collaborate on a project. The YouTube Maker Series Showcase will raise awareness for charities and nonprofit organizations with the finished custom-build to be donated to charity.

Adapting its typical in-person format, the fast-paced invention competition Make48 is launching a new virtual series that will challenge some of YouTube’s biggest maker stars and help charities along the way.

In partnership with WorkbenchCon, Make48’s new YouTube Maker Series Showcase will challenge two prominent makers to collaborate on a project that will not only raise awareness for charities but also support their mission by donating the completed build. There will be a total of three virtual shows in the series, the first of which began in October with makers Izzy Swan, Meghan Baker and Bobby Duke to raise awareness for Stanley Black & Decker and Autism Speaks.

In our second episode, makers April Wilkerson and Brandy Aubé will use their talents, experience and the latest in fabrication tools and technologies to finish a project in two days for the River Kelly Fund on November 5-7 in Canyon Lake, Texas. 

River Kelly Smith is the son of Granger and Amber Smith. Granger Smith is the born and bred Texas artist (also known by his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr.). River passed away at the age of 3 following a tragic drowning incident. His organs were donated so that other children would be given a second chance at life. 

The River Kelly Funds’ objective is to seek out and determine areas of need and invest in those most affected. It provides support and brings awareness to causes including; children in need, arts and education, wildlife preservation, military,and many more organizations.

Our second Maker episode will be featured at Aprils’ commercial property in Canyon Lake, Texas. Using live edge slabs from Miller’s Rustic Sawmill, the makers will build a custom-made table and utilize tools such as lasers, resins and epoxies, welding, and more. Incorporating personal touches, April and Brandy will create a timeless tribute to the Smith’s son. “We are so happy and grateful to be able to team up and create a beautiful piece of furniture to memorialize and celebrate River’s precious time on earth.”

About April Wilkerson and Brandy Aubé



April Wilkerson | Wilker Do’s

April Wilkerson is an American YouTuber and inspiring Texas maker who specializes in DIY woodworking and metalworking projects around the home. Wilkerson graduated from college in 2012, after studying business management, and began working on projects to improve her house. 

The self-obsessed DIYer and Woodworker hasn’t stopped building since she picked up her first power tool in 2013. With a passion for making, the popular YouTube star, with more than 1.2M subscribers, is committed to share her knowledge with the community. 


Brandy Aubé | Studio Aubé

Brandy Guidry Aubé is a designer, welder and fabricator. Native to the Lafayette, Louisiana area, Brandy has spent the better part of her life in Cecilia, Louisiana. 

While studying Industrial Design at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Brandy began to direct her design focus towards mass-produced products. Still having a deep appreciation for the arts and understanding the significance of individualism, Brandy began to create what she has labeled as “functional art.” This functional art incorporates the design ideology of mass produced products with the uniqueness of individual pieces of art. This in turn creates pieces that consider both human factors as well as an aesthetic pleasure. She combines sewing, photography, and metalwork into a diverse repertoire of work ranging from furniture to fashion accessories. 

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