The Winning Prototype of Season 4

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Note: May contain spoilers, including winners of season 4



Viewers can now watch the new season of Make48 online at Perfect for watching from any device, watch Season 4 unfold at the historic Union Station – Science City in Kansas City, Mo.  

10 teams were given a challenge to create a solution in storage and organization and they all succeeded! With ideas for the kitchen, garage, bathroom and more, everyone did exceptionally well, as they only had 48 hours to complete their prototype AND film a promotional video at the end to share at judging. The prototypes, videos and team pitches were remarkable! Unfortunately we can have only one winner and after the weekend competition, Jimmy DiResta and Xyla Foxlin crowned a winning team. 


 Winning Team of Season 4 


Competition was strong this year! Team members came from across the country to compete. Families and friends, coworkers, artists, engineers, makers and students all competed to create a prototype in 48 hours and take home the grand prize. 

At the end of the competition, judges Adam Smith (Wet & Forget), Kimberly Weisul (, and CEO Tom Gray, chose a winning team and prototype for Lifetime Brands to potentially take to market.

And the Winning Team was….. Mountain Minds! Allan and Ian’s idea, the Strap ‘n Store, took home the winning prize! They were blown away by the win. The father-son team struggled on the first day, but after taking a break a spark hit them – a vertical storage solution.

Mountain Minds win Make48Season 4 Make48 Winning Team Team Mountain Minds with judges


Reiteration of the Prototype


With a winning product in hand, the Make48 team begins the process of refining and improving. Built to keep items off the floor, organize, hang and store; three of our tool techs, Travis, Stan and Whitney, were brought in to begin the process of refining and improving the Strap ‘n Store (using a lot of Zoom chats) while in Colorado, Alan and Ian also worked on improving their prototype.

Whitney Manney is a fashion and textile designer and worked on the straps of the prototype. The idea looks simple enough, but it has to be constructed very well to hold the guaranteed weight limit and omit fraying. Travis Putman is a CAD expert and Stan Fernald can fabricate just about anything in his personal shop. Together Stan and Travis worked and refined the mechanics of the lock and pulley system on the strap including the weight, how it attaches and stabilizes. 

Next week the final episode ( Ep. 10) will air at  Travis’ new hook concept becomes a reality and Tom speaks to Warren Tuttle at Lifetime Brands to talk about marketing strategies and the Mountain Minds team finally get to see the new and improved, Strap ‘n Store! 

Dedicated to educating and inspiring those who build and invent to make a better world, Stanley Black & Decker has committed to be Make48’s exclusive Season 4 underwriter, helping deliver the educational series to the public and is the company’s fourth season of support.



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