Team Radium Competed at Make48

By November 19, 2020Proof

Season 4 is available to watch online at or 10 teams, 10 episodes and one winning product! Meet one of the families who competed this past spring. Team RADium, originally from Cleveland, Ohio now lives across the US. Wally resides in Las Vegas where he works in research & development as well as creating new inventions in musical instruments. He loves watching Make48 and his grown children surprised him by applying for the show!

His daughters Danielle and Ellena live on the coasts. Danielle is a professional photographer from San Diego, CA and Ellena lives in New York City where she works in fashion design and writes, directs and produces in experimental theatre. Wally’s son Michael is a systems analyst in Atlanta with a passion for car design. Together they competed and collaborated with teams across the country at Union Station – Science City in the fastest invention-competition series.  


Why did you apply/want to compete on Make48?

We applied to compete on Make48 because it is our dad Wally’s favorite show, and he had been hinting that he thinks we would have a lot of fun on the show creating something new together. We had each worked on many projects with him on our own over the years, but never on something as a team. So we applied to the show as a surprise for him! And it turns out that we DID have a lot of fun!




What was the most difficult part about the competition? 

The time constraints and needing to sneak in some sleep once in a while were definitely the most difficult part! We are a group of perfectionists, so we could’ve nitpicked our design for all eternity. We had to overcome that in order to have a product in time for the presentation, so we accepted that we were  working on a first idea prototype and steadily kept moving forward.


Did you learn anything new from doing the competition?

Yes! We loved working with the tool techs on 3D modeling and laser cutting. Those were new skills for us, and I think we’re hooked now. The laser cutting in particular was so precise and so fast, it felt like magic. There was also a chemical adhesive we got to use for acrylic that was very, very fun and effective.


Looking back, is there anything you would’ve done differently?

We would probably manage our time a little bit better if we were to do it again. There were some things we got a little too focused on getting perfect while working on the prototype, and other things we didn’t spend enough time on, like researching the production costs. 





Overall what was the best part of the Make48 experience? 


The very best part of the Make48 experience was that we got to do it together. It was a really amazing and memorable experience, and we’re grateful for it. Everyone on the staff was amazing, too – the tool techs, the production and event staff, the film crews. Top to bottom it was an amazing event to be a part of.




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