Maker Series #3 with Jimmy DiResta and Operation Breakthrough

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The YouTube Maker Series brings together and challenges makers to build a project for a nonprofit or charitable organization. Build #1 featured Izzy Swan, Meghan Baker and Bobby Duke in Greenville, South Carolina for Autism Speaks. Build #2 took place in Canyon Lake, Texas with April Wilkerson and Brandy Aubé to create a memoriam piece for the The River Kelly Fund.  

Jimmy DiResta will headline the third series with Operation Breakthrough and 87 & Running to build an ultimate FAN experience. Using stadium chairs from one of the best football stadiums in the US, the challenge will create something magical for fans that can’t get to the actual stadium. The possibilities are endless to make this project something special for the deserving institution. Tom Gray, Make48 CEO stated, “We are proud to align and give what we can to the students of Operation Breakthrough. I have always had a soft spot for the organization ever since I first toured their facility and learnt all about their missions and what they are doing for the community of Kansas City. It was a thrill to also have them involved as a team in Season 4 of Make48.”

Jimmy with Team Operation Breakthrough in March ’20


YouTube star and master builder, Jimmy DiResta will work with Kansas City local talent Nick Ward-Bopp of the Maker Village. Working side by side, Jimmy and Nick will use multiple fabrication technologies from companies such as ShopBot Tools, Ukiah Co., Total Boat, Ultimaker and Millers Rustic Sawmill, to complete the project in 48 hours to create a one-of-a-kind stadium fan chair. 

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary next year, the finished build will be donated to Operation Breakthrough at their new space, Ignition Lab: Powered by 87 & Running. Eighty-Seven & Running helps underserved youth strive to become productive citizens by mentoring and motivating them to explore and develop their abilities while learning critical life skills. Founded in 2015 by Travis Kelce, 87 & Running have remained dedicated to providing resources and enrichment opportunities for youth and their communities through fundraising, athletic programs, mentoring, and outreach initiatives.

Operation Breakthrough CEO, Mary Esselman said, “Operation Breakthrough is excited to participate in the YouTube Maker Series  “Fan Experience” build. It will provide a great example to our kids of the power of “Making” coupled with engineering and technology. Our participation in Make48, showcased the power of invention, entrepreneurship, and creativity in solving real world problems and producing usable products. We look forward to participating with Make48 and WORKBENCHcon on the project. It will be a great piece to empower students in the new Ignition Lab.”

Kelce announced that after signing a four-year extension with the Chiefs, he purchased a building that will allow teenagers to “explore careers in STEM. The Ignition Lab: Powered by 87 & Running, will be the natural next step for students ages 14-18 who have aged out of Operation Breakthrough’s MakerCity program with basic skills in coding, circuitry, culinary arts, design, robotics, digital and visual art and more. It will provide a powerful springboard and safe space for some of Kansas City’s most promising teens and propel them toward a bright future to explore their educational and entrepreneurial pursuits. Plans for the lab will include programming by a host of local nonprofits, such as MindDrive, Greenworks, PC for People and the KC Stem Alliance.



About Jimmy DiResta 

Jimmy DiResta  | jimmydiresta

Jimmy DiResta is an American YouTuber and one of the godfathers of the DIY and Maker world. With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Jimmy has engaged and inspired others Makers through video content. He keeps viewers up to date with his latest projects, builds and the daily “going ons” around the shop at

Jimmy has co-hosted the “Making It” podcast since 2014 with David Picciuto and Bob Clagett. In 2016, Make published a book co-written by Jimmy and John Baichtal titled, “Workshop Mastery with Jimmy DiResta.” Jimmy has appeared in numerous television shows, including co-hosting “Trash to Cash” on FX, “Hammered with John & Jimmy DiResta”  in 2006 on HGTV and in 2011 on “Dirty Money” on the Discovery Channel. Recently DiResta has appeared with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman on NBC’s Making It, as their show’s Master helper. In 2017, Jimmy was a judge at Make48’s college competition and in 2020 co-hosted the fourth season with Xyla Foxlin. 

With 40 years of tool experience, Jimmy has built legendary pieces on his YouTube channel. When the 7 foot Shaq needed a stool, Jimmy made one — 41” tall. View his amazing design builds at 


Edit: January 4, 2021  – Due to unforeseen circumstances, Xyla Foxlin is unable to attend event.  

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