I want to compete again!

An experience of a lifetime. 48 hours of challenge, creativity, ideas, all culminating in a tangible, presentable product. Team work, food, sleep, hydration, ideation, all are critical. Forget about 24 hours of Le Mans, 48 hours of Making is what it’s all about, long live Make48!

— Sam Wechsler, InvenTROY, Competitor

Highly recommended!

The entire experience was rewarding and fun. A must do for anyone with the “Invention Bug”

— Seth Marquit, Bumble Bees, Competitor

Make48 Season 4 was the best yet… I’m 100% sure!

Everyone we interacted with was so positive and helpful, even at 1:00am. I know it takes a whole year to plan this event, but it did show in every minute we spent in Kansa City. It was a sheer perfection; an experience that will last a lifetime. Thank you again for inviting us and if I can be of any help in a future just ask. I hope to see you in Vegas later in a year since I’m a local boy.

Wally Chmielewski, Team RADium, Competitor

Everything was great, from food to staff

This was definitely a great experience, glad I participated.

— Sandy Overton, Elite Sistas, Competitor

The spirit of cooperation and assistance from the Tool Techs and staff was super and down to a first name basis.

At Make48 it felt like we were all on a Viking ship together, pulling to discover a new world and it was up to each team to chart their direction. The experience I shared with my son will always be remembered with excitement and humor, certainly a story worth retelling.

— Allan McMullen, Mountain Minds, Competitor

A Maker in all of us.

I’ve been involved with high-tech hackathons in the past. While they are important, the Make48 competition is a great spin on the idea. By requiring a physical prototype, limiting its sale price, and having an on-site network of technical experts, the product development process is opened up to everyone. It proves that there is a maker in all of us – even if all you have is an idea, with the right help you can make it a reality, and develop skills you didn’t realize you had the capacity to achieve.

— Dan Falkenstrom, InvenTROY, Competitor

Overall have no complaints, everything was well planned

A challenge unlike no other that pushes the limits on time management.

— Nic Packwood, Commercialization Crew of PNW, Competitor

Everyone was incredible!

Participating in Make48 with my family was an incredible experience, top-to-bottom. We felt inspired by the challenge prompt, we felt supported by the Tool Tech, Mentors, Attorneys and the whole staff, and we left feeling like we accomplished an almost unbelievable amount in such a short amount of time. It was a thrill.

Ellena Soloner, Team RADium, Competitor

The entire experience was amazing

It was amazing to come together with complete strangers to form a team and work together to participate in the challenge.

— Darrell Thomas, Worlds A-Part, Competitor

Makes you realize how much you can accomplish

MAKE48 represents a major growth moment in my Product Development career. It was mind-blowing to have conversations with the broad series of experts over the rapid 48 hour cycle. It really makes you realize how much you can accomplish, and how much you can learn, in a short, focused period of time.

Adam Siemiginowski, InvenTROY, Competitor

Amazing people!

IMPRESSED. Several teams will have creations on the market.

— Josh Malone, Inventor of Bunch o Balloons, Speaker

Cool place for inventors!

Awesome people at this event, THANKS.

— A Team, Mississippi, Competitors

Had a great time!

GREAT program, love to sponsor one in Utah!

— Judy Edwards, Inventor of Squatty Potty, Speaker

Thank You!

Awesome experience. INSPIRED US to continue inventing products.

— Team 801, Utah, Competitors

Can’t wait until the next Make48!

— Creators of Greatness, Missouri, Competitor

Make48 was an incredible experience! Everyone noted the positive sense of community that was shared. The schedule for the weekend was well thought-out allowing for a maximized, integrative experience. Thanks for a wonderful weekend to the Make48 team!

— Lynn S., Attendee

The event was excellent. I sincerely appreciated that all of the speakers made themselves available and shared their information. It was very encouraging!

— Justin W., Attendee

AMAZING job putting together this event. I met SO MANY cool, like-minded professionals and made so many contacts. I learned so much. The competition was even cooler than I had imagined and I look forward to creating a team for the next event!

— Steffani A., Attendee

This event has the impact of a NASA rocket launch! The words awesome and amazing get tossed around too freely sometimes. Those words fit perfectly in describing the Make48 October 2015 conference. I was wowed and empowered.

— Walter M., Attendee

Thank you! Make48 was a GREAT event! Lots of great information!

— Larissa K., Attendee

Make48 was an excellent conference! Dynamic products & developers and no doubt, some awesome inventions will be birthed in the very near future! ‪

— Renee S., Attendee

This community is a big family of like minded people, who are craving for helping each other succeed. I’m sure many lifetime friendships have been established. Thanks for the chance to be a part of this! Can’t wait for the next one!

— Alexander M., Attendee