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National Hardware Show

September 1-3 2020

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Meet the YouTube Maker Team Captains:

Char Miller-King is the chief maker at Wooden Maven, Inc. and known by the same moniker throughout social media. Her woodworking design company focuses on bringing her clients’ Pinterest boards to life. Whether it’s creating a laser engraved gift or an affordable version of high quality furniture, Char has it covered.
Ben Uyeda is a designer, lecturer, and entrepreneur focused on the field of sustainable design. Ben is the founder of HomeMade Modern and ZeroEnergy Design. He specializes in environmentally conscious architecture and shares photos of his designs and tutorials with his over 170,000 followers.
Ana White is a stay-at-home mom and self-taught building expert who grew up constructing wood forts in her native Alaska.  She has a simple goal – to help people improve their homes with basic tools on limited budgets.
April Wilkerson is an American YouTuber who specializes in Do-it-yourself woodworking and metalworking projects around the home. Wilkerson graduated from college in 2012, after studying business management, and began working on projects to improve her house.
Mike Montgomery is a designer, builder, and full-time content creator. Accessibility is his focus with Modern Builds, not simply accessibility of designs, but accessibility in materials, information, and projects themselves. He’s focused on creating and designing projects that are simple enough that any beginner maker can create, yet interesting enough that any expert might be inspired. Building and making is becoming less and less of an exclusive hobby and profession. His goal is to reduce that separation even further.
Chris Salomone of Foureyes Furniture is not trained in the fine arts. He did not receive a degree in industrial design. He didn’t come from a long line of designers or craftsman. He first became interested in design in 2008. His wife and him bought a house, he started designing things for said house, started drawing furniture for fun, enrolled in a couple woodworking classes at a community college to see if his designs would work in reality, found that he was decent at it and really enjoyed it, turned the garage into a workshop, built a few things, started a business, sold pieces for 4 years, became tired of building the same pieces over and over, felt his skills were stagnating, started a YouTube channel instead…and here he is.

The Challenge:

Teams will compete to build a project in the Outdoor Entertainment category.  The teams will make over two days and then pitch their project to a panel of judges.  All final projects will be gifted to charities or organizations that support the maker movement.

The Teams:

Are you a maker who likes to create & build? Would you like a chance to be on one of the teams with a YouTube maker and build something with a leading influencer in the maker community?  One creative maker applicant will be chosen to be on each team with a YouTube star!

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Get YOUR brand involved

  • Our Makers have over 4.4 Million YouTube followers, over 780,000 Instagram followers and 675,000 Facebook followers combined.  Their videos generate millions of views per month.  They will use their gifted talents along with the newest tools and technology to make finished projects in two days.

  • Popular Mechanics will be capturing the action and will garner over 15 million impressions through various coverage outlets.

  • Over 15,000 industry experts in the hardware industry including retailers, manufacturers, brands and media will attend the National Hardware Show in 2020.

All under the umbrella of Make48: a collaborative 2-day maker showcase!

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