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Challenge 1 – October 2020:

This maker duo challenge was all about building something amazing for Autism Speaks charity, https://www.autismspeaks.org/, nominated by our long term supporter Stanley Black & Decker.  As part of their pledge to support neurodiversity and recognize people with different abilities to be the makers of tomorrow, they established the NxtGen Program, preparing people with autism to pursue skilled-labor jobs in manufacturing. We’re excited to show you what these makers came up with.

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Challenge 2 – November 2020:

April Wilkerson teamed up with Brandy Aube and worked on a project to support the River Kelly Fund, https://www.riverkellyfund.org/.  River went to Heaven in June 2019 after a tragic drowning accident at his home at the age of three. His final mission on this earth was to donate his organs to those in need and the tiny hero saved at least two other lives after giving his own.  The charity provides support and brings awareness to causes including children in need, arts and education, wildlife preservation, military, veteran and first responder assistance.  The team built a river table that was gifted to the River Kelly Fund.

April Wilkerson is an American YouTuber who specializes in Do-it-yourself woodworking and metalworking projects around the home. Wilkerson graduated from college in 2012, after studying business management, and began working on projects to improve her house. YouTube: 1.27M @AprilWilkersonDIY Instagram: 236K @wilker_dos Website: www.wilkerdos.com Facebook: 106K @wilkerdos
Brandy Aube is the custom metal worker and designer behind Studio Aube. Instagram: 1706 @brandy.studioaube

Challenge 3 – January 2021:

These makers will build the ultimate FAN experience.  Using stadium chairs from one of the best football stadiums in the US, known for their exuberant fans and noise level, these makers plan to create something magical for fans that can’t get to the actual stadium.  The possibilities are endless to make this project truly something special to a deserving super fan!

Jimmy DiResta has been making things as long as he can remember. A lifetime resident of New York, DiResta has channeled his passion and creativity into a series of television shows (including our very own Make48) and a wildly successful YouTube channel. YouTube: 1.81M @jimmydiresta Instagram: 189K @jimmydiresta Facebook: 297K @jimmydiresta Website: www.jimmydiresta.com
Nick Ward-Bopp is self-described as “always curious and creative.” He grew up without anything or anyone who stoked or challenged that creativity. He is inspired by the maker movement in Kansas City, it’s connected, it’s strong, and it’s accessible. Along with Sam Green, they renovated a boarded up old building that has now turned into Maker Village, a shared woodworking and metalworking shop offering memberships, classes and workspace.

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  • Our Makers have over 5.16 Million YouTube followers, over 780,000 Instagram followers and 893,000 Facebook followers combined.  Their videos generate millions of views per month.  They will use their gifted talents along with the latest tools and technology to make finished projects in two days.

  • We will be capturing the action and will garner impressions through various coverage outlets.

All under the umbrella of Make48: a collaborative 2-day maker showcase!

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